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VIAVI Elite Network Performance Management Solutions

Distributed by Westcon UCC in Spain

VIAVI (formerly JDSU/Network Instruments) is an industry leader in application and network security management, supplying products that optimise performance and speed problem resolution, helping to ensure delivery of critical applications for businesses worldwide. VIAVI is also a leader in security-based network forensics playback capabilities.  


With an influx of emerging technologies and the rapid rate of change, there is a critical need for end-to-end insight and complete visibility, from the physical infrastructure to the network and newest applications. VIAVI solutions enable to immediately apply insights for:
  • Predictive planning
  • Issue prevention
  • Troubleshooting
  • Problem resolution
  • Network fine-tuning

Why become a VIAVI partner through Westcon UCC?

VIAVI partners enjoy some of the strongest profit margins in the industry through access to high-value product lines, marketing support, sales enablement information, and more.

In addition, by partnering with Westcon to offer VIAVI solutions to your customers, you can leverage our expert technical and market knowledge, sales and marketing support, as well as our range of supply chain and financial services.


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Application and Network Security Management solutions from VIAVI


VIAVI Network Performance Monitoring


VIAVI enterprise network performance monitoring tools provide comprehensive insight into network, storage, applications and infrastructure. This powerful toolset features fast capture rates and over a petabyte of storage capacity for retrospective network analysis. 
  • Real-time and historical summary dashboards
  • Traffic-flow analytics
  • Utilisation metrics
  • Snapshot of delivery systems


VIAVI Unified Communications - Better VoIP and Video

Video, VoIP, instant messaging and email create challenges that include massive bandwidth demands, inter-service dependencies and complex troubleshooting. To effectively deliver services, network teams need a unified solution-set like VIAVI’s, which enable:

  • Sensitive monitoring within the context of all system components and interactions
  • UC deployment verification
  • High performance delivery, keeping streaming video smoothly moving, voice transmissions clear and crisp, and messaging briskly paced



VIAVI Network Security Forensics

Recent high-profile attacks have underscored the need for more robust security strategies, specifically an effective enterprise-level forensics backstop. The average successful breach can take months to detect and traffic hasn’t been captured, the entry method - or the extent of the breach – might not be known.

VIAVI leaves no packet behind and offers a solution which enables to:

  • Capture packet-level data, useful in recreating actual traffic, ensuring nothing is missed in the investigation of a breach or network event
  • Select the configuration that is right for the organisation, from a few terabytes to over a petabyte of capture capacity
  • Capture and analyse traffic at the edge or in remote locations
  • Set baselines and alerts to ID anomalous traffic in real-time or back-in-time
  • Quickly understand key attack details, how it was perpetrated, exploits used, and which systems or intellectual property were compromised



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